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Insane Root Theatre is proud to be joining the #LoveBristolArts Campaign

and sharing some love for our fellow Bristol arts organisations, venues

and freelancers who are struggling through the coronavirus crisis.


This time of year would normally see the launch of a 'Flash Sale'; offering amazing deals on events around the city. This Autumn we're asking you to help keep those same artists afloat - and it doesn't even necessarily mean parting with cash! (Though if you can spare a donation it would be gratefully received!)

Join us by sharing who your favourite artists, shows, events, venues or organisations (ahem!) are, and what you are most looking forward to seeing and being able to do again, with the hashtag #LoveBristolArts

You can also make a real difference to us

by doing any or all of the following:





to our NEW

charity mailing list





Join us on social media








Tell a friend about us


To find out more about the campaign,

and how you can support your local artists in a meaningful way, visit:


Insane Root - Romeo and Juliet at Eastvi
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