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Nearing the end...of the beginning!

So, after an extended few weeks of auditions, meetings and recalls - and having had the privilege of meeting a host of talented and exciting actors, we are nearing the end of our re-casting process. We are humbled by the amount of interest the show has received and are thrilled by the potential on offer by any number of casting options.

Part of the joy has been being assisted by our associate artist and original Macbeth: Ben Crispin, who slipped back into role to work with possible cast-members on the intense final scene where Macbeth takes on both Young Siward and Macduff. It was a fantastic reminder of how spine-tingling those moments are, with fresh life breathed into them with new actors and their takes on the characters.

Watch this space for confirmation of our final picks - we hope you'll be as excited as we are!

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