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£3 Off Rumpelstiltskin Full Price Tickets*!

Insane Root's Rumpelstiltskin - CULTURE

“It can’t come into the light and the light can’t come into it, it can’t come out of the darkness neither... it’s quite happy sat here between the two...”


Locked in a tower. Forced to spin a roomful of straw into gold. By morning. Or have her head removed from her body...Milly’s only hope of salvation lies in the strange creature speaking riddles and lurking in the shadows of her cell...but what price will it demand in return, and will it be more than she can pay?


Arriving just in time for Halloween is a spine-tingling take on this ancient folk tale of greed, imagination and the terrible choices we have to make. Told by candle-light, the immersive performance is inspired by, and staged in, the atmospheric New Room in the heart of Bristol’s Broadmead shopping quarter. It features a brand new script by award winning writer Matt Grinter (Orca), an original score by Ellie Showering, and is led by Bristol’s favourite ‘Site Specific Theatre Masters’ (Bristol 24/7) Insane Root.

*Offer valid Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th October, 2019.

Full price admission usually £18.

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