Cast Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the cast of Macbeth at the Redcliffe Caves 2016!

We are utterly thrilled to welcome THREE new actors to the Macbeth family: the highly experienced, Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory favourite, Chris Donnelly as Macduff & Duncan; fresh from tours with Les Enfants Terribles (including their Olivier Award Nominated Alice Underground) James Keningale as Malcolm & Doctor; and highly talented writer, singer, actress and producer Rebecca Newman as Lennox, Macduff's Child, Young Siward & Witch.

It is also a joy to welcome back original castmembers Ben Crispin as Macbeth, Andrew Kingston as Porter & Ross, Zachary Powell as Banquo & Murderer and Nicola Stuart-Hill as Lady Macbeth & Lady Macduff.

10 days to go 'til rehearsals begin - we can't wait to get this lot in a room together. Watch this space for updates!

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