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Deep in the Caves

Well, it's June and the weather has - predictably for England - turned, but our spirits are still high even as we go deep underground!

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day: we are still setting up the site, e.g. installing a dressing room cabin, new seating for the audience and the general lighting rig, so lots happening. The actors are looking magnificent in their costumes, and we're excited for today's fight call, music call and finishing the tech of the show with lighting designer Edmund McKay. Unlike a traditional theatre, because we have no infrastructure, we are essentially rehearsing all the tech elements as part of the final show rehearsals - this is a bit out of schedule compared to more conventional productions, but it keeps us on our toes and allows the actors to immerse themselves in the world before finalising their choices and blocking.

The picture to the left was taken by actor Rebecca Newman and gives you a quick peek into our playground.

Better get back to the caves!


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