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13 shows down...50 to go!

As we ready ourselves to embark on our second full week of shows today, we wanted to share some of the wonderful comments we've received from our audiences.

"Macbeth at the Redcliffe Caves was simply outstanding. An extraordinary, entrancing experience - and the cave setting was a stroke of genius. Thank you." - Paul (Facebook)

"Macbeth at the Redcliffe Caves was an extraordinary, thrilling experience. The performances were superb, never faltering yet such close interaction with their audience, and the caves provided a unique setting and fitting ambiance for this play. I've seen several renditions of Macbeth both on stage and screen, but Insane Root capture the crown. Highly recommend." Marion (Facebook)

"Saw this on Thursday and WOW what a show! We were totally absorbed and engaged in this production. The acting from everyone was so powerful and having it in Redcliffe Caves added immensely to the experience! Looking forward to next year!" - Gita (Facebook)

"I honestly can't imagine I will ever see a better performance of Shakespeare than this. The fantastically lit caves provided the perfect backdrop and the promenade style along with the intimacy provided by the cramped conditions and wonderful performances from the cast led to an unforgettable experience. This is truly moving theatre and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone, even if you think you don't like Shakespeare!" - Paul (Facebook)

"Go see #Macbeth in Redcliffe Caves with @insane_root; brilliant truly immersive theatre! " - Alice (Twitter)

"Magnificent!! Just saw Macbeth in Redcliffe Caves, powerful, engaging, would recommend getting tickets if there are any left!!" - Josie (Twitter)

....and as Josie suggests there are only a limited number of tickets left for June, and some availability for July. But we anticipate selling out within the next week or two so get booking now to avoid disappointment!


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