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Over Half Way....And Sold Out!

Three weeks done! 32 performances. 3 Previews. Well over half way through our marathon of 63 shows and today we are delighted to discover that the rest of the run has SOLD OUT! This is a huge achievement for us, and means that - as a young, surprisingly small, company - we are able to balance our budget.

We want to take a moment to recognise the immense effort that our cast, crew and volunteers have made in bringing Macbeth to life twice a day (three on Saturdays!). The environment is gruelling, the intensity of the show draining and the chill gets to your bones. Yet, they continue on and create an amazing performance time after time.

We also want to say an immense thank you to our audiences for coming on the journey with us, and for such wonderful comments and feedback - it makes the long days and difficult conditions all worth it, and we're particularly thrilled to have been a catalyst for people discovering (and re-discovering) Shakespeare's amazing words.

Here's to the final three weeks!


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