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After the End

8 weeks

3 previews

60 public performances

More than 2,200 audience members, including 10 schools and many brand new to Shakespeare

Out, out brief candle. ​

But, theatre being theatre - and site-specific theatre at that! - things aren't nearly so simple as you'd like. Working in a place where you've had to create all the infrastructure means that, eventually, all that infrastructure has to come out. Rubbish removed. Tables deconstructed and wood recycled. Lighting rigs returned. Audience seating placed tetris-style into family vehicles and removed from site. Props returned. Costumes cleaned and returned or stored. Final invoices paid. Accounts completed. Thank you cards written and tearful, fond, farewells made.

The get-out may be done now (all hail to the hard working lads of the production team!), but the admin and storage challenge is ongoing.

Anyone want some candles? :-)


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