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Five Days In...

We have now completed our first five days of re-rehearsal for Macbeth at the Redcliffe Caves (2016). It's been a whirlwind: fight calls, rapid music learning and introducing brand new members to the company. The amount of ground we've covered has felt more like three weeks' worth and the show is - remarkably - almost ready. Still plenty of detail to be added, but with a final music call today before we go into the caves, we're feeling pretty darn excited about getting underground!

In a conversation yesterday, our director Hannah was saying how humbling revisiting a show is - you get to experience all the joy again and also confront/reassess some of your past choices. Shakespeare's language is so rich and it's been eye-opening how much more there is to mine from it, especially with new actors involved who bring their own opinions and insights. Our 2016 show is shaping up to be something incredibly special.

Insane Root are also delighted to be featured in the Bristol Magazine: read all about it here.

More than half of all tickets are already sold, so if you haven't got yours yet, snap them up while you can.


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