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An air of mystery...

I love this time of year. Nights drawing in; a nip in the air that means I can unleash my best woolly jumpers; pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING. Oh, and a niggling sense of opportunity and "newness" that has been ingrained by years of September school starts. Just give me a backpack, new pencils and a lunchbox and I can conquer the world.

Or, at least, double maths.

And here at Insane Root we're also embracing the new, having very firmly put our beloved Macbeth to bed (the boxes in my shed are testament to that). In fact, we are currently developing FOUR different projects, and we can't contain our excitement any longer. So here's a little teaser.....

First up is a series of bespoke performances for a corporate client's event in London, which is asking us to reimagine almost the entire canon of Shakespeare.

Yeah. We know.

We're magicians.

The second challenge is to create a brand new show in an absolutely EXCLUSIVE venue that we get slightly giddy thinking about. This will be a bit of a departure from standard narrative, but should be an immersive and exhilarating experience.

That will be coming your way right around Valentine's day next year, so if you're looking for an unusual and unique way to woo someone, just call us Cyrano....!

Third, as part of our commitment to emerging talent, we're working with a fantastic young writer to develop a new version of a classic fairytale for next Summer, before returning to our roots (hah!) by gearing up for a large-scale Shakespeare performance next Autumn. And yes, we might just be going back underground....

More information to follow soon!

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