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The Tempest : Reviews are in!

It's here! After a turbulent voyage, our radical musical reimagining of The Tempest has opened to sold out performances in the beautiful St John's Crypt.

We've been incredibly touched by the wonderful response from our audiences - we read every one of your messages and comments, and it is so heartening to know that the work we make resonates with you. There are even now some special members of the 'Insane Root Trilogy' - those of you who have been to all three of our shows. Maybe we should get badges....

To celebrate, here's a selection of the reviews we've received - from both press and audience!

★★★★½ - ReviewsHub

Insane Root Theatre’s The Tempest balances Shakespearean tradition with exceptional adaptation, and through repurposing the text, the temporality, and the tone, the cast and creatives get closer to the heart of the play than any production of The Tempest this reviewer has seen, and it’s all happening right beneath the heart of Bristol.

Bristol 24/7

Insane Root's 'Tempest' is atmospheric, smartly abridged and beautifully performed...With its otherworldly music, elegant candle-lit staging and energetic performances, this is distilled Shakespeare that reveals the essence.

★★★★★ - Marion Brazer (Facebook)

The immensely talented players of Insane Root delighted me yet again with their highly imaginative rendition of The Tempest and their choice of venue to perform this 'magical' play. This is the third production by Insane Root that I have experienced, and I say 'experienced' for it's truly a theatrical experience they achieve and convey with their works. I look forward to enjoying more.

★★★★★ - Liam Thomas (Facebook)

Every aspect of your production of The Tempest was incredible, from the exquisite set to the intriguing use of puppetry and props to tell the story. But the highlight for me was the captivating, hypnotic music! The vocal skill shown in the performance was second to none, and there was obviously an awful lot of work gone into the composition. Truly fantastic, I really hope there are some recordings of this that might spread around once the performances have finished!

★★★★★ - Rebecca Bennett (Facebook)

Saw the Tempest last night in St John's on the Wall Crypt - what a brilliant and engaging interpretation! Atmospheric and clever set, brilliant choral arrangements, and superb acting. Another excellent production in a great location - well done!

★★★★★ - Rose Leader (Facebook)

Went to see the production Sunday teatime. Was an amazing setting, the scenery and lighting were so fitting and I found the singing awesome. Was really interesting for the likes of me who doesn't normally 'do Shakespeare'. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

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